The Equifax Hacking

Fifty-eight percent of the adult US population had its identity stolen in the Equifax hacking.

Rest assured, there is safety in numbers!

If your identity has not been stolen or you are not sure if it has been stolen:

You …

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Quarter Three 2017 Commentary

The stock market continued to cooperate in quarter three ending with a positive week, month, quarter, year-to-date and trailing year! Company fundamentals remained solid and economic indicators remained generally positive.

What of our long overdue correction?

“Far more money has

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Quarter Two 2017 Commentary

Solid gains and record highs were realized in the second quarter by the major U.S. stock indexes, The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), The Standard and Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) and the NASDAQ Stock Market. The major international stock indexes, …

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Quarter One 2017 Commentary

Unlike the last quarter of 2016 and a market moving election surprise, quarter one’s market moving news was downright mundane. The stock market just rolled along, ending the first quarter solidly in positive territory.

It was a particularly strong quarter …

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Quarter Four 2016 Commentary

Every election I get numerous calls from the supporters of both candidates asking, “What should I do if my candidate loses and that other candidate wins?” Interestingly enough I don’t get the reverse question, “What should I do if my …

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Quarter Three 2016 Commentary

Quarter three began on the heels of quarter two’s Brexit Blues (Britain’s vote to exit the European Union) but US stocks have since chugged along nicely delivering a respectable +2% gain as measured by the Dow Jones industrial Average (DOW) …

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Quarter Two 2016 Commentary

The second quarter of 2016 would have been an otherwise routine quarter with the Dow Jones Industrial Average returning a respectable +1.4% and the S&P 500 returning a solid +1.9% if it weren’t for what would become a seismic vote …

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Brexit is an abbreviation for “British Exit.” Last Thursday the British voted to exit the European Union (EU). The vote to exit came as a shock to the markets where a vote to stay was widely anticipated. The stock market …

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