January 2016 Commentary

Despite gaining +2% in the final week, stocks closed down -5½% overall for the month of January. The slowdown in China and softness in the energy sector continued to weigh on the market. The Bank of Japan’s efforts to stimulate …

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2015 Year in Review

2015 has been widely sensationalized as the “worst year in the stock market since 2008.” Given the six-year bull run coming off of 2008 (the worst year in seventy years) we were long overdue for a little breather, a step …

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October 2015

Quarter Three 2015 Commentary

A slowdown in China, uncertainty over the Federal Reserve’s rate policy and economic numbers helped end quarter three as the weakest quarter in four years with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down -7.9% and the Standard …

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July 2015 Commentary

Quarter Two 2015 Commentary

If outflow exceeds inflow there will be a downfall. Welcome to Greece where spending beyond one’s means and tax evasion are national pastimes. There is no pretty way to unwind the Greek tragedy (Greece owes billions …

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Retirement Contribution Deadlines for 2016

Traditional and Roth IRA:                      April 18, 2017

SEP and Simple IRA:                            April 18, 2017 (+ Extensions)

Traditional and ROTH 401k and 403b:

– Employee Contribution:                     Deferred from Last paycheck or Dec. 31, 2016

– Employer Contribution:                      April 18, 2017 (+ …

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April 2015 Commentary

Quarter One 2015 Commentary

The first quarter ended a volatile three months in decent shape. While the S&P 500 was up slightly, +0.44%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) was down slightly, -0.26%, other indices fared much better. International …

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March 2015 Commentary

A Good Month

The lackluster fourth week of February didn’t taint an otherwise impressive month in the stock markets. U.S. stocks more than made up their January losses advancing +5% to +7% and international stocks fared even better, more than

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