February 2015 Commentary

Market Volatility Continues

January ended on a sour note for U.S. large value, large growth and small cap stocks. International stock fared better eking out small gains.

Better news was found on the fixed income front where intermediate and treasury …

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January 2015 Commentary

Cheap oil roils the market!

While good for the overall economy, energy stocks have been taking a shellacking and weighed on the broader market. Energy has been the sector tail wagging the stock market dog. The volatility that rocked the …

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Mid-Summer Review — 08/11/14

Stocks swooned the last week of July putting the Dow Jones Industrial Average in negative territory for the year and halving the Standard & Poor’s 500 year-to-date gain. Oversea unrest, mixed corporate earnings and Federal Reserve fears have all contributed …

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When can I draw Social Security?

If you are eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits, you can begin drawing an early, but permanently reduced retirement benefit anytime between age 62 and your full retirement age (65-67); the closer to 62 you are when you begin, …

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